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Favourites at 2 and a half. [Feb. 28th, 2006|08:54 pm]


[mood |impressedimpressed]

Animal: Doggies.

Food: Bananas, Chahky Mik

Word: Choo choo and chahky EVERYthing.

Toy: His Bob the Builder fork lift toy.

Place: Running. Doesn't matter where to or from.

Movie: Monster's Inc, the Lion King, Robots, and RHPS.

Tele Show: Jack's Big Music Show (the space opera episode)

Music: London Bridge is Falling Down, other assorted nursery rhymes as well.

Doing: Make-up 'tattoos', blowing and chasing bubbles, memorizing and then acting out all his favourite movies.

Working on:
Filling in whole sentences! He has learned SO very many new words since I wrote that list, last month. This has really been the turning point for him.
Also, getting better about bed time. We can acctually leave the room before he is totally asleep now. No more sneaking out, avoiding the squeeky floor boards.

Afraid of: the "big bobs" at Auntie Caleigh's work, the new vacuum, hair cuts and the doctor's office.

Getting in trouble for: Stealing mommies "cake-up", trying to play with the fish or feed them peanut butter and jelly, running over my swept up piles of floor stuff with his bike!