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favourites at nearly 3. [Jul. 21st, 2006|01:00 pm]


Animal: Still dogs.

Food: Bananas, Broccoli, French Fries

Word: Shoes! cause that means we're going outside. And "Fwin" (friends) because that means we're having company. Calling me "Sheawa".

Toy: his cars, no doubt. Mack the Truck = love.

Place: Any where he can run around freely.

Movie: Cars

Tele Show: Kipper

Music: Route 66, and all the rest of the Cars soundtrack.

Doing: "Sh-wie-ing!" Flying around, with or without a cape.

Working on: Sleeping in his bed all night. Patience. Filling in full sentances. Counting.

Afraid of: Fireworks, thunder

Getting in trouble for: dumping water out of the tub. terrorizing the kitty.