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favourites at 31 months - Alexander Scott [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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favourites at 31 months [Mar. 15th, 2006|07:09 pm]


Animal: Doggies.

Food: Fruit snacks (Nock)

Word: "Weeee!" on the swings at the park. "Kay Yee!"

Toy: Pot and Stick Drumming.

Place: Going for a walk

Movie: Monster's Inc

Tele Show: Planet's Funniest Animals

Music: Doggie Song (Bingo)

Doing: Introducing himself to all the kids at the park "Hah woah!

Working on: Bed time still, had a bit of a relaps there. Singing. Word pronunciation. "Kayko" became "Kooky" this month.

Afraid of: Sharks on tv.

Getting in trouble for: Food experiments. An unattended glass of water will be filled with strange objects in a matter of seconds.